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Date:   March 26th  – April 9th ( Easter week)

Visiting : Rishikesh / Agra / Delhi
Price –

  • Early bird  (up to 15/10/ 2022) : 1.360 € 

To register : please contact Paulina at

* Airplane ticket is not included

Rishikesh - Ganga River


Our  2023 India trip is an invitation for you to step outside your current context of life, enter into another world of spiritual wonder, and redefine the foundation on which you find personal purpose and meaning

We approach our journey in a mood of opening our minds and hearts with humility so that genuine transformation can take place in our lives.

You will be in the company of supportive fellow travelers and have the chance to form personal friendships that often last a lifetime.

Throughout our journey, we will connect to Yoga through sounds and music, take part in gentle regular Yoga practices, learn about Yoga traditions, meditation, Ayurveda and share wholesome meals together.


Rishikesh -  Beatles Ashram


This is an opportunity to recharge and disconnect , to take the time and space to recharge mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hopefully after this 2 weeks you will be able jump back into your life and work with focus, energy, and enthusiasm.


We will be based in Rishikesh, 
in the foothills of the Himalayas where Ganges pours luminous blue-greens tones on her journey to the plains. 



April 1st, 2nd, 3rd staying at Ayurvedic school

Rishikesh -  In India



10 days retreat at Prakash Deep Institute of Ayurveda and Yogic Sciences (PDI) which is a health care facility, wellness center.

Enjoy the possibility to access to different ayurvedic treatments, massage, ayurvedic doctor consultation.

Price includes: Accomodation, all foods at school, daily Yoga classes, 1 ayurvedic consultation and massage.

During the trip you will also have the time to just relax in the riverside cafés, bookshops and mountain air.


We will set time apart to visiti Kunjapuri temple(for sunrise)Vashist cave and "The beatles ashram" ( tours are included in price)

taj mahal.jpg

After Rishikesh and before returning to Delhi for the end of the trip, we will visit  Agra (Taj Mahal, Red fort). We will spend 2 days in Agra at Trident Hotel.

We will travel to Delhi with our own bus, chofer and guide person.
We will stay 2 days in Delhi for a urban tour.

Traveller's tips :

* It is advisable to book the flight  with anticipation but not before 3-2 months before the date.

* India requires a visa for visitors from most countries. Luckily, it also offers the option of e-visa. That means that you don't have to attend the embassy, you can fill the forms and file the documents online, receive confirmation to your email, and get the visa put in your passport on the border.

Go to Indian official e-visa site to check if this option works for you. For most countries, e-visa gives a right to stay in India for the period of 60 days.
Be sure to print your confirmation email and bring it with you on the border.

*  What to ware ? It is advisable to bring light clothes, preferible clothes tha may cover your  shoulders and knees. Something like light pants ( You can get Alladin pants in stores of Rishikesh for s about 200 rupees). Some light jacket or pullover will also be useful. Shoes: sandals, flip-flops, crocs, and flats (ballet shoes).

Would you like to join us? 
Contact me

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