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Going beyond Yogasana : Anjali Mudra

Updated: Apr 17

Mudra means ‘seal’ or ‘gesture’ . Yoga mudras are special movements incorporated into our practice of yoga. They are many times practiced with the hands but also can be done with other parts of the body. They help the energy to flow and alsp bring awareness to the practice.

There is a connection betweem the areas of the hands to corresponding regions of the body, so using the right Mudra helps to put the mind into an specific state for our yogic work.

One of the most common Mudras is Anjali Mudra wich is performed by meeting the hands together by the sternum in a “prayer position”. Anjali means “to offer” or “to salutate”.

According to the big teacher Krishnamacharya (father of modern Yoga) :

“This gesture signifies the potential for an intention to progress to greatest spiritual awakening. When done properly the palms are not flat against each other; the knuckles at the base of the fingers are bent a little, creating space between the palms and fingers of the two hands resembling a flower yet to open, symbolizing the opening of our hearts”

Performing the mudra at heart level, we bring atention to this place where our inner light resides, this energy center from which we connect to the others : Anahata Chakra.

During your next practice, remeber that by practicing Anjali Mudra you are honouring yourself and those around you with love.

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