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Pelvic floor and Bandhas

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The PELVIC FLOOR is a structure of muscles, fascia and ligaments that is located at the base of the pelvis between the pubis and the coccyx (end of the spine). Its function is to retain the abdominal organs, that is, to support the digestive, urinary and reproductive systems, resisting intra-abdominal pressure.

The BANDHAS are known as energy closures, and are located at the pelvic, abdominal and vocal diaphragms. They are physical techniques that allow you to control the different organs and nerves of the body. The word Bandha means to adjust / tie.

The activation of the bandhas in the practice of yoga, has the physical purpose of holding and stabilizing the muscles and at an energetic level to generate a seal with which to contain the prana, so as to be redistributed through the energy channels of the subtle body.

The bandha that is situated at the pelvic floor is called Mula Bandha. The activation of this bandha will help us to control and tone the muscles, something necessary to prevent and treat dysfunctions of the pelvic area. The regular practice of Yoga will give us a higher level of awareness of the area from the activation and relaxation of the Mula Bandha both in the practice of asanas and pranayama.

Unlike the so-called Kegel exercises, Mula Bandha is not an anatomical but an energetic concept. By activating this bandha it is possible to “close” the energy flow that goes down in the body (Apana), helping to reverse its path and send it upwards, to meet the higher energy (Prana) and thus balance the two most important energies within the body: prana vayu and apana vayu. Prana vayu is associated with nourishesment and apana with elimination. Prana has to do with inhalation and apana with exhalation. The encounter between these two opposing energies at the base of the spine awakens the Kundalini energy.

Activation of Mula Bandha

Mula means "root" and it is associated with the first chakra, Muladara Chakra. What is intended when activating this bandha is to drag the energy towards the lower part of the spine (root chakra) using it as a lock so that the energy is not dispersed. This bandha connects with the earth element, granting firmness and stability.

At the muscular level, the activation is carried out at the level of the perineum. The perineum is the muscle that we have between the vagina and the anus (in women) and between the testicles and the anus (in men) .

It is common for the perineum to become weak due to impact sports, overexertion, after childbirth in women, or simply over time if you do not exercise. Its weakness brings very annoying problems such as urine leakage, problems during sexual intercourse or prolapse.

Some exercises you can do at home

-In the beginning you can relate the activation of the perineum with the control of urination.Stay with this sensation at first and then try to replicate it just behind, between the vagina and the anus, on the perineum. Imagine that you suck or pinch with your perineum and try to hold the suction for a few seconds.

-Another simple way to recognize the activation of the pelvic floor: Stand with legs hip-width apart, rotate your inner thights inwards and bring the tailbone slightly forward. By combining these two movements, the pelvic floor lift happens naturally.

During March, we will be working with the root chakra and pelvic floor activation concepts.

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