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VAYUS AND BANDHAS in relation to Manipura Chakra

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

First of all , we have to know that each individual has its own vital force or vital energy called PRANA. That energy can move in 5 directions according to the different functions of the body.

The two most important energy directions in the body are prana and apana Prana Vayu is related to acquisition of energy, related to upward-moving process and associated with the region of chest and throat. There it related to the intake of air, water, and food.

Apana Vayu on the contrary, is related to elimination, is symbolized as a downward-moving process , it is associated with the lower abdomen and pelvic floor and governs functions as urination, defecation, and the menstruation.

There is a third movement of energy called Samana , located at the navel region (the solar plexus) and governs the absorption of energy. It is associated with digestion and with the generation of internal heat.

To bring order to these energy patterns , and in the way of developing self-awareness we work through energy locks (or Bandhas).

Three of these locks—the throat lock (Jalandara), stomach lock (Uddiyana), and root lock(Mooladhara)—are fundamental in Yoga. As practitioners, we get to know this concepts as we get deeper into the practice and then we will probably have to work on refining it over a long period of time.

The throat and root locks function sealing the upper and lower extremes of the spinal column. We could say the throat lock prevents prana from moving upward. The root lock blocks the downward movement of apana and pulls this energy back toward the navel region.

When the upward- and downward-moving forces are blocked and forced into proximity with each other, then they produce heat. And this heat is magnified by the application of the stomach lock. This is Samana, the vayu that assimilates energy. It is related to Manipura chakra and associated with the fire element because fire provides warmth and comfort. The main function of this energy centre is to give real strength to move forward and realise personal desires and intentions in the world.

We will keep working through this concepts in future posts and classes,

With love,


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