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What does Yoga mean to you?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

I want to share this that I wrote for my Teacher Training when I was asked what yoga was :

"What is Yoga?

Is it 1 asana, 5 asanas, a whole series?

Is it flexibility? Being able to put your leg behind your ear?

Is it meditation? Being able to blank your mind?

Is it a mantra? Is it chanting?

Is it a Japa Mala? Is it 108 beads?

I can tell you what yoga is for me:

For me is my practice and every little thing I learn through it.

Sometimes is following the ashtanga first series and sometimes is just trying to understand 1 asana.

Sometimes is sitting for a while in silence.

Yoga for me is also my safe-place, a lot of things I have learned from teachers, readings and practice that throw light into my thoughts, at first intentionally recalled until they became my way of thinking and seeing.

Yoga is for sure a gift you receive in life.In this world of tragic events, loneliness and stress, Yoga is a path of self-education and own knowledge.

Yoga is power. And empowerment.

Yoga is all the good inside you brought outside in a beautiful way.


Paulina Copello

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