Meet Paulina...

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Paulina is a yoga teacher and therapist in training.

She is certified in several  traditional Yoga styles (Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga and Nidra meditation, Nada Yoga) she is now completing 850 hs of education at The Yoga Therapy Institute (Netherlands) with international certification of IAYT. 

She teaches with a passionate approach to Yoga and health, offering a safe space to explore the connection between mind, breath and body and empowering students through self-care and a lack of self judgement.


" I am argentinian-italian and currently based in Oslo, Norway.

I am a proud mother of Tabarè and Luisa and 

I love spending time with my family.
When I am not teaching or practicing Yoga, I love being in nature : taking walks or jogging at the park, gardening or simply resting outside.

I am also very much into art and my first proffesion in life was arquitecture. I enjoy very much healthy cooking and decoration.


Since i started practicing around 15 years ago, Yoga has become my lifestyle and a path full of joy, peace and wonderful people.

Yoga has transformed my life in the deepest way and i hope, if it's your desire, that it can transform yours too." 

Through NATURAL JOY YOGA you may find
Yoga sessions offered in a friendly and supportive way,

Paulina teaches regularly a variety of classes in Oslo
You can even join some of these practices at the warmth of  her own home-studio in Frogner.

She also teaches regularly on Zoom,
cometimes sharing  this space with beloved teachers and friends."

You can be sure that you may find a safe and respectfull way of practicing,
with the possibility to addapt the Yoga practice to your own needs.

Come to practice and feel like at home...