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Pregnancy, birth, and post-birth are some of the most magnificent and intense life journeys a person can experience. It is an emotional and spiritual experience. It is transformational and life-altering. The prenatal and postnatal yoga practices taught in our classes and Yoga therapy sessions  were created to help you navigate your way through these life changes with more support, strength, and confidence.

Image by Alicia Petresc


Yoga can help during pregnancy, a time when the body is undergoing so many changes.

Yoga during pregnancy has been shown to:

  • Boost energy levels

  • Cultivate breathing techniques

  • Empower women to have a conscious birthing experience

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Strengthen birthing muscles

  • Promote relaxation and restful sleep

  • Keep the body supple

  • Relieve lower back pain

  • Relieve swollen joints, heartburn and constipation

  • Promote a healthy birth

Image by Nathan Dumlao


We will prepare specifically body and mind for labor and birth. The mother or couple will learn great tools that can give natural pain relief, better contractions and easier labor and birth for the baby and mum.

The pregnant woman will train on how she during labor can keep a calm mind, feel safe, and be here and now, aware of her body and breathing.

Learn to use the gravity force in physical movement and active birthing positions. All of this can help the unborn baby to get into a better position in mum’s pelvis, so that the labor and birth can become easier and faster.

Image by Alexander Grey


Support for new mums who may be juggling a new routine, sleeplessness and isolation.

Mothers usually need to wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth so as to recover and to bond with baby however, however some mild practices as breathig, meditation, relaxation can be started right after birth.

Postnatal Yoga will help you to heal and close the body after birth, regain strength, re-align the spine, tone pelvic floor, abdominal and lower back muscles, relieve tension, cultivate serenity and inner balance, and replenish the necessary energy to attend your and your baby’s needs.

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