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Yoga & Ayurveda : Ayurveda lifestyle


AYURVEDA is the sister science of Yoga. It is a very old art of healing, in fact it has been practiced in India for 5000 years. "Ayur" means life and "Veda" knowdledge in Sankrit language. It is not only conceived as a healing system but as a way to live healthly.

Ayurveda works by knowing and understanding our constitution (Prakruti) because this way we discover which treatment would be more suitable for us to mantain our balance and which is our natural tendency to illness.

Ayurveda identifies three basic types of functional principles that are present in everyone and everything.

THESE ARE THE DOSHAS : Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

These principles can be related to the basic biology of the body.

.त (Vata) – The dosha that is responsible for the movement of each and every atom, and also provides space for all movements to occur. For example, the act of breathing, movements in the intestine, nerve impulses, etc. पित्त (Pitta) – Responsible for any transformation taking place in our body and also temperature changes . For example, digestion and metabolism. कफ (Kapha) – Responsible for energy storage and the formation of new structures .For example, immunity, synovial fluid in joints, adipose tissue storing fat, stability of our body and mind, etc.

Which is the connection between YOGA AND AYURVEDA?

Yoga works so as to keep the 3 doshas in balance.

Vedic knowledge is the ancient science of the yogis of India designed to show us the inner workings of the universe and of our own consciousness, leading us ultimately to the state of Self-realization and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Veda science has given us spiritual disciplines but also science, art, and culture.

Yoga is one of the six systems of Vedic philosophy.

Ayurveda provides the appropriate life-style recommendations for Yoga practice, as well as the tools to discover the full healing potential of all aspects of Yoga. Yoga provides the spiritual basis for Ayurveda.

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