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Yoga is Community

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Cultivating a sense of connection within a community is essential for our well-being, and helps us to live more compassionate and inspired lives.

It’s impossible to separate community and yoga; whether you’re practicing alone or in a large group, you are part of a worldwide network of likeminded and beautiful beings, whose connection transcends imagined boundaries of race, religion or nation. This is one of the many incredible things about yoga; that something so personal can unite so many people.

Cultivating Yoga

Just like yoga, community is about connection and unity. Merge the two together and their power is amplified, allowing us to feel safe and supported in our journey. The Yoga Sutras (ancient founding texts of yoga, written by the sage Patanjali in the 3rd century BC) describes social observances to live a more compassionate life in harmony with the world around us through Yamas and Niyamas providing the foundations of the practice. With this comes a sense of union, humility, respect and gratitude, qualities that have an immensely positive impact on our social ties. In practicing yoga, you become part of an ancient and sacred sharing circle, and actively taking part in this communion reminds us that we are never alone. Having this bond imparts an even deeper and valuable sense of belonging, allowing us to support one another throughout the rollercoaster of life. Through newsletters, social media, events and gatherings, we are now lucky to have an abundance of ways through which to share individual perspectives on this sacred practice.

Reducing Ego

By its very nature, community reduces ego.

The realisation that we are all part of the same whole tends to dissolve a sense of separate self, allowing us to switch individual ego for collective consciousness.


The yoga community encourages us to try new things, to reach new goals and ultimately to keep coming back to the mat.

When we look to one another for inspiration and motivation, we can breathe new life into our practice, helping us to maintain freshness and enthusiasm.

Being part of a community undoubtedly accelerates growth and development, empowering you to be spurred on by the progression of those around you.

How has attending Yoga classes enhaced your life? Let us know in the comments!

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