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Why should you start practicing Yoga? Por què empezar a practicar? Beneficios del Yoga

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

By practicing Yoga we improve our strength, flexibility and balance. But we also train your brain to bring all these skills to our way of thinking , living and seeing everyday situations. By practicing Yoga we learn to calm our mind and relax. We work to prevent physicall and mental diseases like depression.

When we start practicing, we have to face ourselves, we get to know which are our abilities and our weak points, where we have to work the most.

After some time of consistant practice we start noticing our muscles are stronger somehow more "awake". We have the chance to revert maybe the most common pain these days : lumbar and back problems that are a direct consecuence of today's way of living

sitted in front of the computer or tv, or scrolling our cell phones. Through backbends and shoulder openers asanas we develop the posibility to seat and walk in a better position.

If your are still hesitating whether is a good thing for you or not, give the practice a chance (or a couple of sessions :) and you will be gladly surprised.

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