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Closing mantra - Purnamadah

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

I want to share with you this non-religious mantra that refers to the very essence of existing. This way you can get to know the lyrics in Sanskrit, and its translation to english and although it seems a very simple verse (and a little funny at first), its content is very deep as we discover its true meaning.

The Purnamadah is a famous Upanishad mantra and says:

Om PurnnamAdah PurnnamIdam


Purnnam-Udacyate Purnnasya


PurnnamEva-Avashissyate Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

Purna पूर्ण :All, Full -It also means circle, something that has no beginning or end. It is translated into English as: "That is the All, This is the All The All emerges from the All; the All arises from the All and yet, it is the Whole. " Om peace, peace, peace. This ancient Vedic mantra refers to all creation as a complete unit. Each and every particle, living or non-living, represents the same complete unit. That (the first Existence, the supreme Reality, some idea of" God "or higher being, the Truth) is the All ‘ pūrṇa ’(infinite, full). This (the very being, myself, this reality that we perceive as the world) is the All, [because] from the All comes the All. When the All dissolves into the All (what we perceive as death), the All definitely remains (does not die). OM śāntiḥ x 3 ´shanti= peace´ (1st peace is in my body-mind, 2nd peace with others, in my relationships, 3rd peace towards infinity, universe. I like the definition of Osho that says: «The mantra contains the whole secret of the mystical approach towards life. This little mantra contains the essence of the Upanishadic vision… Nothing is insignificant, nothing is smaller than anything else. The part represents the whole just as the seed contains the whole. «

There are many videos that can teach you how to pronounce this chant.

You can try listening to this beautiful version of Shantala

After a while you ca try on your own trying to conect with the vibrations of your own voice.

* All the information in this post was taken from books and web sites; but also from information that i' ve collected by studying with different teachers and my own experience.

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